The Yellow Rose

This little 5×5 piece was a result of making one of my papers smaller.  I didn’t want to waste paper, so I decided to do a small painting, but what to paint on it.  I figured a single flower would be the best solution, and it was nice practice in getting all the variations of yellow.  The secret … It’s actually not all yellow.  There’s some orange too.  I also had to use a brownish yellow.  So many layers and colors for just this 5×5 piece.  Of course there are parts of it that I don’t like.  I’m an artist.  It’s just one of the things that happens.  Never being completely satisfied with it.  Oh well.

So, lesson of the day, when you think something is just one color, think again.  I used variations and mixtures of different yellows, browns, oranges, and reds, and that was just for the flower on a 5×5 piece of paper.

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Yellow Rose

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