The Tree Nymph

Stage 1

Tree Nymph 1

I decided to take in progress photos of my work.  It was interesting experience.  This was just the first few layers.  There’s not much detail yet.  I was just blocking in the basic shapes and colors.  Everything still looks pretty flat in the beginning.

Stage 2

Tree Nymph 2

There’s now more layers and more details.  Remember things are never just one color!  There’s layers of multiple colors.  I wanted the back leaf to stay out of focus, so I didn’t put a lot of detail into that one.  I also saved the most detail for the central leaf and flower, but I still gave some detail to the other two leaves.

Stage 3

Tree Nymph 3

I added even more detail, darkened up some areas, and started the head of the butterfly.  I wanted to do more, but ended up with a headache.  So I had to quit for the day.  At one point I really wanted to burn this piece  I just wasn’t happy with how it was turning out.

Finished Piece

The Tree Nymph (c)

Even though the butterfly is black and white, it still has shadowed parts to it.  Once I had the background color in, it was easier to tell which areas needed more attention.  The colors I used in this piece were orange, red orange, two different reds, sap green, green brown, green black, black, gray, cream, and dark blue.  I am hoping to get a better camera soon, so I can take higher quality photos.  The photo reference is from Rodney Campbell at  This piece is now for sale on my storenvy page.

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