New Paintings

I’m sorry I haven’t posted recently.  I’ve been dealing with some medical issues, but I have two new paintings to share with you.

Row of Tea (c)

Here’s another raspberry tea painting.  This one’s an 8×10.  I love the little tea cups you get when you go to an Asian restaurant, and having them all in a line kind of went along with the Asian theme of having everything perfectly presented.  I just got a box of various fruit teas, so I’ll be experimenting with those in the near future.  Make sure sure to check back to see how that goes.

Cappuccino Star (c)

I had first attempted to redo the coffee painting I did for my mother’s card since it came out so wonderfully, but I know better than that.  Redoing paintings never works out for me.  Hopefully I get a better camera eventually so I can do prints.  Instead, I did this little guy.  He’s a little 5×7 cappuccino with a star on top.  My husband commented about how “fun” it was when he walked by as I was painting.  Anything he calls “fun” means he likes and enjoys it.

Both these paintings are available on my storenvy page.

4 thoughts on “New Paintings

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