Pros and Cons of Wix

So I experimented with using Wix to create a website.  There are things I like and things I don’t like about it.  They have free and paid versions.  Their paid versions get really expensive.  The free version gives you an unappealing web address, as well as bars on the top and bottom of the page saying that it’s a free website created by Wix.  I didn’t really mind the bars.  After all, it’s a free website.  However my web address ended up being very long and annoying.  At least the free version of isn’t that annoying.  For the sake of this post, when I mention WordPress, I mean not is what I am currently using for this blog.

Now for those of you who have no technical or computer skills what so ever, Wix has made it super easy for you create a fabulous looking website in no time at all.  Drag and drop things where you want them.  Just click the area to change the size, color, and font.  I personally don’t find WordPress complicated at all, but Wix is still easier to customize.  Even with all that, there’s no changing of themes allowed.  You got it.  The theme you choose when start your site, you are stuck with forever.  So when I chose my them, I chose it for the layout and figured I could just change the colors and adjust other things to how I wanted, but it just wasn’t working.  I just couldn’t find the right color in the colors they provided that worked for my material.  I probably could’ve figured out my own color and uploaded it, but I didn’t have the time sit there uploading different colors and backgrounds to tryout.  I was very disappointed to find out that I couldn’t switch themes.

While I liked having more of a full site, I noticed I had less interaction on this new site.  It also had no analytics.  You can pay for app that would provide it, but I wasn’t even sure I wanted to keep this site yet.  So it didn’t make since to purchase an app.  At least WordPress has some analytics.  Obviously there are better analytics systems and apps out there, but at least the free version has something, and I know if people are seeing my posts.

So to sum it all up, I liked having more of a full site, which I may be able to do here if I buy a theme.  It was easy to set up and customize.  However not being able to change the theme was not helpful in the customization process.  I had less interaction with people and no analytics system.  The free version gives you a long annoying web address, and the paid versions get expensive.  Overall, it’s not the place for me.  I’m glad that I only did the free version first.  Maybe someone who isn’t as tech savy and doesn’t have the time to learn, or thousands of dollars to pay someone would like it.  You definitely get more if you pay more.  You can get a normal looking web address and add nicer things to your site.  I just didn’t see the value since I’m knowledgable enough to use WordPress, and can do most that through WordPress at a fraction of the cost.

So it looks like I’ll be staying here.

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