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I’ve recently been doing more with my Twitter account.  Admittedly, when I first set it up I had no clue what to do with it, and I’m still figuring out the whole thing, but so far Twitter has been working out quite nicely for me lately.  I’d never had a personally account, so when I set up my Twitter page for my art, I was pretty clueless.  For a long time, I was posting to no one.  That was entertaining.  I still don’t have a great number of followers, but I just started, and I also had a break with the baby along my cluelessness.

For those of you have Twitter accounts and want to grow your own followings, here’s what I found helpful.  If you’re all about your own artwork, people get bored.  Did your cat decide to jump in your paint and leave paw prints everywhere?  Take a picture and tweet it.  It’s something humorous that your followers can laugh at without you saying, “buy this from me!”

Post in progress photos of your work.  Some artists don’t want to do this because they feel it lessens the value of their art, but it’s actually the opposite.  People become more interested.  They find the process fascinating.  Some artists, especially beginning artists, also have the fear of, what happens if I post in progress photos and then it doesn’t work out.  Well then you have blog material, and if you have a following of other artists, they will appreciate a post of what not to do.  If don’t have a blog, get one.  You can set one up for free at

Find other people to follow and retweet them, but make sure it applies to your target audience.  Two people that I found helpful on Twitter are @lorimcneeartist and @SavvySexySocial.  Lori gives tips that apply to artists, and SavvySexySocial gives a lot of social media tips as well as motivational quotes.  So when you see stuff in your feed that applies to your audience, retweet it.  SavvySexySocial has a blog post all about the advantages of marketing through Twitter.

Just make sure that what you’re posting on twitter is relevant to your audience and they’re not getting spammed with postings about buying things.  You will likely get unfollowed.  Also if you’re tweeting every 10 minutes so that the person’s feed is filled up with nothing but your posts, they will also unfollow you just so they can see the post of the other people they follow.

What other tips have you learned that helped your Twitter page?  I always love more helpful tips.  Leave your comments below.

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