Clock And Daisies

Clock and Daisies 3

Well, I haven’t finished it, but I’ve made decent progress.  Baby’s demand lots of attention, but we love them anyway!  So someone suggested adding baby powder to my coffee to help in layering.  I haven’t noticed much of a difference and I hate the smell.  I probable won’t do it again.

I need to get some more depth going, because right now it’s looking a little flat, and I also need to work on the flowers.  Then I’ll be fine tuning some of the details, and hopefully if all goes well, I’ll have it done by next week.

I also found a way to have prints made of a digital piece a made a few years ago.  Since people ask for it all the time, I thought I’d put it up here for you guys.  So you can go check that out on my storenvy page.  (

The Blue Scarf Lady (c)

Now I have a question for you!  What kind of things do you want me to paint?  You can look through my gallery to see what I’ve already done to get ideas and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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