Selling Art On Storenvy

If you’re looking for a free place to start selling your art, Storenvy could be the place for you.  Ok, it’s not totally free, but it cost you nothing to set it up and list your pieces.  There’s only a charge once something is sold.  Your page is also completely customizable so it can look just like one of your pages on your website.

Storenvy isn’t as know as places like etsy and ebay, so you will have to market your Storenvy page, but you should already be doing this for your own website.  If you just need a place for your artwork to sit and funnel people to, this might be a good option for you.

You can check out my storenvy page here.  Have a storenvy page?  Has it worked for you?  Why, or why not?  Tell me about it.

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11 thoughts on “Selling Art On Storenvy

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    • There is no fee to set anything up, and no fee to list anything. Etsy charges to list your products, so in order to have things show up in search, you have to keep relisting, and then there’s also a fee once it’s sold. They’re also not good at taking down things that violate copyright. I also don’t like their search engine. People can do well on there. I just don’t prefer it. I would recommend Storenvy to someone who already has a website and just needs a place to put their stuff up somewhere where it’s not going to cost them anything and then just send people to that page when they want to buy a product. You’re not likely to sell much from Storenvy unless you promote it.


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