3 Things NOT To Do With Your Brushes

If you have problems with your brushes wearing out, or splaying out and becoming trees, here are three things not to do that will help reduce those problems.

1) Don’t leave them sitting in water.  This will cause your brushes to wear out faster, and all the hairs will fall out.  This is especially annoying when they fall out and stick to your painting.

2) Don’t stand them up to dry.  Lay them flat instead.  If you stand them up, the water collects in the barrel of brush and causes the “trees.”  It’s particularly harmful if there’s still paint left in your water.

3) Don’t leave any paint next to the barrel of the brush.  You want to get as much paint away from the barrel of the brush as possible.  This isn’t as much of a problem for watercolor as it is for oil and acrylic.  Also for oil and acrylic, you want to get long bristles for your small detail brushes, because it will be impossible to get the paint  out that’s collected at the barrel.

What other brush tips do you have?  Let me know in the comments below!

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