Drumroll Please…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’ve busy with all the Jewish holidays, and I’ve also not been doing very well, which is why there’s no video for this week, but I wanted to get you the results of the survey I took.

First, either my Facebook people really like me, or they just really like taking surveys, because all the responses I got were from Facebook users.  I also knew that most of you wouldn’t answer the questions where you would have to actually write something, which is why I limited those, but there were two of you who left me nice comments at the end.  You know who you are, and thank you!  I asked all of you how many times a week you would like to hear from me and you answered with 95% one time and 5% two times.  Also out of all the posts I’ve done my business and art tips/reviews were voted equally.

So it looks like I will be posting once a week now, probably on Wednesday or Thursday, and I flip back and forth between art tips and business related topics.  Whatever I feel I have best prepared for that week.  At the bottom I’ve included a voting box where you can vote whether you want my blog to come out on Wednesday or Thursday, and if you want it to come out at 9am or 12noon PST.

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