How To Get Your Drawing On Your Paper

Piano Rose 1
This is the initial outline for my next painting, which will be done in inktense.

Need to sketch out a drawing and then only get a light outline onto your paper?  I know I’m really messy with my first sketch, and I don’t want all those lines on my paper.  To avoid that, sketch it out on tracing paper first and then use transfer paper to get your drawing onto your paper.  If you’re putting your drawing onto a canvas, you can get it in both black and white so that you can put the drawing over dark backgrounds.  Make sure to save the initial drawing on your tracing paper so you can bring back certain guide lines if you need to.

The transfer paper I use is pretty inexpensive.  It’s the package of four sheets of 9 by 13 from Loew Cornell.  You can reuse these sheets so they last a long time too.  They are a must have item for me.  What’s your must have item?  Tell me about it in the comments below.

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