Donating Art To Charity


Donating artwork to charity is something artists get asked about often.  Here are some things you need to consider before donating.

Many charities will tell you that you can write off the artwork on your taxes, but that’s not exactly true.  While you can write off the cost of supplies, you can’t write off the value of the artwork.  It’s not necessarily that the charity is lying to you.  They just believe that you can.

They also promise exposure.  This rarely happens.  The charities are usually disorganized due to being run by volunteers.  Your name, although promised to be in the flyer or brochure, doesn’t make it in, and the person who ends up with your artwork, doesn’t get you another sale in the future.

Most of the time, the amount your artwork sells for will be less than what you could’ve sold it for on your on.  If it’s a charity that you really want to give money to, why not sell the painting yourself and then give them the money?  They get a bigger donation, and then that money is tax deducible.  It benefits both parties.

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