Piano Rose

This paper was much easier to work on.  I was able to get much more layers with this paper.  I think I need to get a board that I can tape my work down to though.  I actually found that I liked using the blocks right on the paper more that I did on my other pieces.  I think having the stiffer brushes helped.  I was able to get rid of the grit normally left over.  They are a soft synthetic, but they’re still stiffer than my natural hair watercolor brushes.

Since I play the piano I enjoyed painting this piece.  I actually love the black keys in this painting, which is funny since they’re not really perfect, but for some reason, they’re my favorite part of this painting.

This piece is now available here and the full slowed down version of the video is available here.

Piano Rose (c)
9×12 inktense on Fabriano Artistico soft press 300lbs watercolor paper.


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5 thoughts on “Piano Rose

  1. Another lovely painting and I really like the black keys too. They show off the beautiful rose and give definition to the white keys.


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