How To Not Get Bored With Art



Sometimes, especially when you’re learning, doing the same thing over and over can create boredom.  So here are some ideas for you.  First of all, if you’re still in the learning phase or haven’t figured out a process that works for you yet, working in a smaller scale can help.  That way you’re not spending a huge amount of time on a large project.  Second, change up your mediums.  You can also do mixed media.  Do your background in watercolor or inktense and then your subject with colored pencil.

There will also be times when you feel the need to be creative, but you’re brain just isn’t working for an art piece.  That’s when you need a project: crochet, adult coloring books, etc.  You can come back to your other stuff later.  So don’t be discouraged if boredom sets in.  It may just mean that you need a switch up.

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