Deleting Old Blog Posts, Videos, Etc.

Content Delete 1

I know many of you, especially those of you who have been creating content for a long time, have some not not so wonderful old content that you’d like to get rid of.  However, it may not be in you best interest.  Unless you’ve done a change in direction, that content is probably helpful.  Here’s why.

  1. You may be deleting content that shows up well in search.  We all create content for people to find us.  So why delete something that helps you with that goal?
  2. People who follow you may actually like the volume of content that they can lost in.  When you have a large amount of content, this helps people to get to know you, and become familiar with you, which helps with your ultimate goal: getting your product into their hands.
  3. Your crappy stuff is inspirational.  Yes, the person who wants to blog or make videos, can look at your earlier stuff and say, “oh, if they started out that way, I can do it.”  Doesn’t that make you feel a little better?

Now, I’m not saying you absolutely shouldn’t delete ANYTHING.  If there’s something that’s just too horrible than fine, but maybe just reorganizing your website so that all the new shiny stuff is front and center.

Have any of you had experience deleting old content?  Was it helpful or not?  Leave a comment below.

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