Metal Panels

I’m sorry I haven’t done much lately. I’ve been distracted by many things and the cord that connects my laptop to my tablet broke.  So I’m waiting to replace that.  It’s very sad. However, I recently got a metal panel of one of my paintings and I thought I’d show you what that looks like.  I love how my paintings look on metal panels.  I also realize that many of you might not be familiar with this surface or how things look.  So I thought I’d show you.  Here are some photos of the painting on a hanging metal panel.

It’s a very smooth, highly reflective surface with a clear to silvery gloss.  It looks the best in a room the receives sunlight, but not in location that has direct sunlight.  Think of a well sunlit room, but not having the sun shine on the wall with the painting.  Isn’t it amazing?

If you’re interested in getting this piece, please check it out in my store.  I also offer payment plans if you need that.  Just message me to set that up.  Talk at you later!

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