Print Contest!

I’ve decided that I love you guys so much that I’m starting a contest.  Whoo hoo!  There will be two prizes.  1) 8×10 print of one of my paintings (you choose the painting)  2) a hand signed postcard of a painting I will choose at random (2 people will receive this one)


Here are the rules.  You must complete each of these to qualify:

  1. On Facebook, Instagram (@shalevbasya), or Pinterest, share one of my paintings with an explanation of why you love it.
  2. Use the hashtag #shalevcontest in your shared post.
  3. Like my page on the social media platform that you chose to share my painting. (SECRET: If you’ve already like my page, you’ve already completed this step.)

I will select the winners at random.  You will have more chances to win, the more you share.  If you share on all three platforms, you will have 3 entries.  If you share more than once on the same platform, I will love you for it, but you will only receive one entry.  Just make sure to use the hashtag so that I can find your entries!  The contest ends next Friday October 19, 2018.

Good luck to you all!

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