Repainting an Older One

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Now I love this painting.  It’s an 11×14 oil on wood panel and it looks much better in person.  I love the concept and it was really good for my level of skill when I did this.  The concept comes from Kabbalah, which is the mystical side of Judaism, and a question that is asked is, “why does evil exist?”  This is concept that many religions try to deal with, but I love the answer that is suggested, which is that evil exists because we create it.  Evil creates for evil and good creates more good.  Every person has the capacity for good and evil.  This is a very basic explanation and I’m sure someone who has more knowledge in this area could give even more depth to it, but my mine motive behind this painting is that evil exists because we create it.  So we need to choose what it is that we create and be aware of what we do and it’s impact.  The question left with this painting is, “what are you creating around you?”

Since I have now mostly switched to digital painting, I repainting this one using that medium.  The reference photos and Ideas were all the same.  The only thing that’s changed is the painting method, and time for me to improve as an artist.

Choices (c)

I’m also working with a new laptop and video editing software.  This has made production a little slower than normal.  I have a new painting that I want to get out to you guys by the end of the week, but no promises.

I really enjoyed redoing this one and it lets me see how much I’ve improved in such a short time.  Hopefully I will always continue to improve and create even more wonderful pieces.

Choices Compare

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Wedding Commission

This was a commissioned painting that I did for my sister.  It was such a cute photo and I was so happy to do this for her.  The color pallet is a little different than what I normally do, but it’s what she chose, and I think it turned out beautifully.  It has a very soft and sweet feel to it.

Elizabeth Roy FINAL(c)

In order to keep my colors correct, I started with a monotone black and white painting, and then glazed color over it.  I actually enjoyed this method of painting better than what I had been doing.  So this was very good for me to do.

I hope she enjoys the painting.  I enjoyed painting it.  I love you sis!

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The Blond Woman

The Blond Woman (c)

Here’s my most recent portrait.  I started a new painting method from a commission I did recently, and I really enjoy it.  I do my first layer in monotone black and white and then layer color over it.  This helps me keep the colors how I want and make sure the values are correct.

I’m thinking about repainting a few of my previous paintings now that I have this method figured out.  So keep an eye out for those.  I love the bold colors in this one, which I needed after doing some more muted colors from a recent commission.  This one is available for purchase at my store.

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Fire Dancer


Well, I finally have this one finished!  I have been teaching myself belly dancing.  Everyone needs a hobby.  I’m definitely no where as good as this dancer is, but Magnolia has some good instructional videos for those of you who are interested, but have no knowledge.  She also has a wonderful personality, which makes watching her videos very easy.

Fire Dancer (c)

I learned a lot of painting techniques with this painting.  I really wanted the veils that she was dancing with to be fire, but I was having difficulty painting them.  So I had an idea of using a photo and transforming that into what I wanting.  It ended up being a combination of photo manipulation and painting in order to get the look of flames I wanted.  I also learned more about how different layer settings work.

I’m happy with how it turned out and who know maybe I’ll repaint it later in a few years when I’ve learned even more things!  That could be exciting.

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FREE Portrait

Portrait Contest

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Quick Update

Wondering what I’ve been working on?  Well this is the post for you.  I finally put all these paintings into a book and that’s available here.  I’m so happy to have that completed.  It’s been a great journey.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it too!


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I’m also almost done with this painting and will be getting the speed painting together for it.

Fire Dancer (c)

I’ve got some ideas going for how I want things to work going forward, but make sure to hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss any information.  Have anything you want to tell me, let me know in the comments bellow.  Talk to you next time!

Inspirational Quotes

“Every artist was first an amateur.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have found this to be true and have said something similar in response to the common phrase of, “You’re so talented to create art like this.”  On the surface it sounds nice, and I think people do sincerely mean it as a compliment.  What I don’t like about it, is that it doesn’t account for all the time and effort I put in to make it good.  There are hours and years of bad paintings and bad drawings to get to the good ones.  Art is a skill just like anything else.  Unless you’re one of those small minority prodigies, then art is a skill you’ve spent a lot of your time developing.  I’ve found that people can be discouraged from doing art, because they believe it is a talent and not a skill.  Just because you’re bad at something now, doesn’t mean you will always be bad at it.

“Every child is an artist.  The problem is to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso

I think this is true if you use the creative instead.  If we’re talking about someone being an artist as someone who’s creative, then you can have someone who’s a scientist that can still be a creative person.  They just express it differently.  A scientist can come up with creative ways to solve a problem.  They can either help create a new technology that allows to do more things or they can come up with new ways of understanding the world.  So I would say keep the creativity no matter what field you work in because that’s how humanity progresses.

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” -Bob Ross

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross?  He made have not made grand world-famous artists, but what he did was something special.  He made oil painting something that anyone could do.  He’s famous because got people all over the world to pick up a brush and start painting and creating.  If you’ve seen any of his videos, he’s a very carefree and light-hearted person.  Learning to be ok with mistakes and make those mistakes work for you, is a wonderful thing.  It’s not only helpful in painting but also in life.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.” -Jerzy Kosinski

This is something I aim for when creating paintings.  I want the viewer to look and find their own meaning and to connect with their own emotions.  Since each person will see something different, it’s more about what feelings and thoughts the art produces rather than wanting a specific idea to come through.

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and therefore full of deep significance.” -Calvin & Hobes

I remember reading Calvin & Hobes a lot when I was younger, and this quote shares similarities with the previous one.  In my paintings, there isn’t just one meaning, and I’ll often have things that don’t seem to be rational, such as a painting on a wall spilling into the room, or water where there should be a solid object.  These things encourage the viewer to come up with their own meaning to the painting.  It has more to do with self reflection, and that is what’s significant about what I paint.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” -Albert Einstein

Yes!  If you can inspire anyone to be creative, do it!  Even if it’s just a creative solution for a life problem you’re facing, or how to solve a problem at work.  Creativity is a wonderful thing to always have and use.

What quotes do you love and inspire you to continue doing what you love?  Leave those down in the comments and we can all inspire each other!