New Paintings

I’m sorry I haven’t posted recently.  I’ve been dealing with some medical issues, but I have two new paintings to share with you.

Row of Tea (c)

Here’s another raspberry tea painting.  This one’s an 8×10.  I love the little tea cups you get when you go to an Asian restaurant, and having them all in a line kind of went along with the Asian theme of having everything perfectly presented.  I just got a box of various fruit teas, so I’ll be experimenting with those in the near future.  Make sure sure to check back to see how that goes.

Cappuccino Star (c)

I had first attempted to redo the coffee painting I did for my mother’s card since it came out so wonderfully, but I know better than that.  Redoing paintings never works out for me.  Hopefully I get a better camera eventually so I can do prints.  Instead, I did this little guy.  He’s a little 5×7 cappuccino with a star on top.  My husband commented about how “fun” it was when he walked by as I was painting.  Anything he calls “fun” means he likes and enjoys it.

Both these paintings are available on my storenvy page.

Sip of Coffee


Sip of Coffee 1

Perhaps this was a bad time to do this particular piece.  I have been busy with other things.  The little one is making me all uncomfortable, and I’ve started the nesting phase.  I want everything done now.  I want the baby’s room done and everything washed and cleaned.  There’s only one problem.  …  I’m not superwoman.  So on top of my pregnant emotions and all the stuff I want done, let’s just throw on a complicated painting.  That sounds smart.

I wanted to do something a little different from the still life I have been doing lately, but I still wanted a cup in the painting.  This one was definitely more frustrating than my other ones and I wanted to burn it a few times.  I put some detail in and then took it out, and then put some back in and then some back out.  The mittens were what I was having the most problems with.  I just could figure out the right amount of detail.  I needed to show that they were mittens, and show the form, but too much detail just took away from the piece.

I think it was because I wasn’t able to get the detail I wanted in the face.  I couldn’t get the contrast I wanted because the darkest layers were maxed out in the layers of coffee they would take.  I’m hoping that once I get some money, I can test out some watercolor canvas boards and see if those take more coffee layers than the paper.

Sip of Coffee (c)

Here’s the finished piece.  I gave the nose a little more definition and took out some of the detail I had on the mitten.  Hopefully next time I do a piece this complicated, I have found a better surface that can take more layers.

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Coffee Dessert

Coffee Dessert (c)

Well, I did another one.  I had a 5×7 piece of paper, and I still had the coffee.  I know it’s only one color, but I’m having too much fun.  I did some research and apparently coffee painting is an actual thing.  People make art careers out of doing coffee paintings.  I don’t know if this is something that I’m going to switch to or not.  I may just need to get it out of my system and then go back to color.  I guess we’ll find out.

This little guy took me a few hours and I’m more satisfied with how he turned out than the last one.  Maybe it’s because I know coffee techniques a little better now from the last one.  I think I’m going to try a bigger piece now that I’ve done these two.  This guy definitely makes me want to go find a dessert.

As always, my paintings can be found on my storenvy page:  Photo reference from Britta at

The Mocha

Today I experimented with COFFEE!

Coffee Painting Setup

The first step was to get coffee in three different strengths.  I decided to use instant, because I didn’t want to end up with grounds in my water.  I had to let the coffee cool first.  Painting with hot water is not a good idea.  It damages the paper and the bristles of the paintbrush.  I then tested them on a strip of paper to see what they’d look like.  Everything smells so wonderful.  Now it was time to get a light drawing on my paper and start painting!

Coffee Cup 1

This was part way through, probably more towards the beginning.  Coffee is similar to watercolor, but a little different.  It seems to dry a little slower, and working wet on dry seems to work better than wet into wet.  If I do more, and I’m guessing I will because it’s just so fun, I’ll have to adjust some of my techniques.  I can still get to the darkness I need by layering.

The Mocha (c)

Here’s the finished piece.  It was definitely fun to do a painting of coffee with coffee.  The smell put me in a wonderful mood as well!  This 5×7 is now for sale on my storenvy page:  Photo reference from Alina at