FREE Portrait

Portrait Contest

Yes, you read that right.  You have the opportunity to get a free portrait of yourself or a loved one.  This is a $100 value that you could get for free.  So let’s get to the rules.

  1. Make sure you hit the like button on this post.
  2. Share this blog post on your facebook page with the hashtag #SBportrait and make sure to come back here and comment once you’ve done that!  🙂

You have to do all three to qualify and will use an online program to randomly pick the winner.  I want people to be able to see the process behind creating a portrait, and this should make that happen.  You haven until next Thursday the 21st.  Good luck to you all!

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Shh… This is only for you.

The first order of business is to tell about the winner for contest.  My mother ended up the winner.  Aren’t parents wonderful?  She chose this painting as her favorite and the one she wanted as the free art print.  She said in her post that this one reminded her of all the times I sat by the window to watch the rain.  It’s true I do love watching the rain, and I love a good thunderstorm.  So I hope you enjoy your print Mommy!  I love you!

Umbrella Lady1
16×20 digital painting

I have one more thing to share with you.  You may have heard of the Patreon page I created, but I thought I’d give you a little tour so you know what you’d be getting.

If you’re not familiar with Patreon, the basic premise is that you give a certain amount (the lowest one is just $2!!!) each month, and for that contribution, you can get different rewards such as reference photos, photos of my layering process, 10% off any store item, monthly postcards with a new artwork of mine, full length painting videos, and wallpapers of my artwork that fit a standard computer screen.  You can choose the level you want and how much you pay.  So go check it out and comment below once you’ve done that!

I’m also close to being done with my current art series.  Who’s excited for that?  I know I am.  If you have thoughts on the pieces I’ve completed so far, leave that in the comments too.  I love hearing from you!

Hopefully you have a wonderful day and I’ll talk to you later!

Print Contest!

I’ve decided that I love you guys so much that I’m starting a contest.  Whoo hoo!  There will be two prizes.  1) 8×10 print of one of my paintings (you choose the painting)  2) a hand signed postcard of a painting I will choose at random (2 people will receive this one)


Here are the rules.  You must complete each of these to qualify:

  1. On Facebook, Instagram (@shalevbasya), or Pinterest, share one of my paintings with an explanation of why you love it.
  2. Use the hashtag #shalevcontest in your shared post.
  3. Like my page on the social media platform that you chose to share my painting. (SECRET: If you’ve already like my page, you’ve already completed this step.)

I will select the winners at random.  You will have more chances to win, the more you share.  If you share on all three platforms, you will have 3 entries.  If you share more than once on the same platform, I will love you for it, but you will only receive one entry.  Just make sure to use the hashtag so that I can find your entries!  The contest ends next Friday October 19, 2018.

Good luck to you all!