Inspirational Quotes

“Every artist was first an amateur.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have found this to be true and have said something similar in response to the common phrase of, “You’re so talented to create art like this.”  On the surface it sounds nice, and I think people do sincerely mean it as a compliment.  What I don’t like about it, is that it doesn’t account for all the time and effort I put in to make it good.  There are hours and years of bad paintings and bad drawings to get to the good ones.  Art is a skill just like anything else.  Unless you’re one of those small minority prodigies, then art is a skill you’ve spent a lot of your time developing.  I’ve found that people can be discouraged from doing art, because they believe it is a talent and not a skill.  Just because you’re bad at something now, doesn’t mean you will always be bad at it.

“Every child is an artist.  The problem is to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso

I think this is true if you use the creative instead.  If we’re talking about someone being an artist as someone who’s creative, then you can have someone who’s a scientist that can still be a creative person.  They just express it differently.  A scientist can come up with creative ways to solve a problem.  They can either help create a new technology that allows to do more things or they can come up with new ways of understanding the world.  So I would say keep the creativity no matter what field you work in because that’s how humanity progresses.

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” -Bob Ross

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross?  He made have not made grand world-famous artists, but what he did was something special.  He made oil painting something that anyone could do.  He’s famous because got people all over the world to pick up a brush and start painting and creating.  If you’ve seen any of his videos, he’s a very carefree and light-hearted person.  Learning to be ok with mistakes and make those mistakes work for you, is a wonderful thing.  It’s not only helpful in painting but also in life.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.” -Jerzy Kosinski

This is something I aim for when creating paintings.  I want the viewer to look and find their own meaning and to connect with their own emotions.  Since each person will see something different, it’s more about what feelings and thoughts the art produces rather than wanting a specific idea to come through.

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and therefore full of deep significance.” -Calvin & Hobes

I remember reading Calvin & Hobes a lot when I was younger, and this quote shares similarities with the previous one.  In my paintings, there isn’t just one meaning, and I’ll often have things that don’t seem to be rational, such as a painting on a wall spilling into the room, or water where there should be a solid object.  These things encourage the viewer to come up with their own meaning to the painting.  It has more to do with self reflection, and that is what’s significant about what I paint.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” -Albert Einstein

Yes!  If you can inspire anyone to be creative, do it!  Even if it’s just a creative solution for a life problem you’re facing, or how to solve a problem at work.  Creativity is a wonderful thing to always have and use.

What quotes do you love and inspire you to continue doing what you love?  Leave those down in the comments and we can all inspire each other!

Through the Eyes of Gratitude

Umbrella Lady1
16×20 digital painting

When you look through the eyes of gratitude, the world becomes a magical and amazing place.  -Jennifer Gayle

What is it that you’re grateful for?  I’m sure there are many things.  For some people this question is harder than it is for others, but it’s still an important question.  It reminds us of what of beautiful and wonderful in our lives.  So I suggest a little exercise that we can do together.  List 5 things that you’re grateful for in the comments.  It can be anything.

Here’s mine:

  1. COFFEE:  I love coffee.  I live on coffee.  I have it every day, and it makes me happy.
  2. ART:  Art allows for expression of things that sometimes can’t be said.  It also allows you a look into the minds of those who created it, and humanity in general.
  3. THE HUMAN BRAIN:  The human brain is an amazing thing.  It allows us to accomplish mundane tasks, like cleaning and eating, while allowing us to contemplate abstract concepts like the nature of a human soul.
  4. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY:  Because of medical advances, we’ve been able to eliminate many deadly diseases thanks to vaccines, and we have better explanations for someone having a seizure other than demonic possession.
  5. FARMING EQUIPMENT:  While there are disadvantages to modern farming technology, there are also many benefits and technology keeps advancing.  Modern farming equipment reduces the time spent on farming, reduces the the amount of water used, and reduces the overall impact on the ecosystem.

What are your 5?  Tell me about it in the comments.  Have a painting or drawing you want me to see?  Let me know on instagram @shalevbasya.  I love seeing your stuff.  I hope you have a wonderful day!

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