Repainting an Older One

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Now I love this painting.  It’s an 11×14 oil on wood panel and it looks much better in person.  I love the concept and it was really good for my level of skill when I did this.  The concept comes from Kabbalah, which is the mystical side of Judaism, and a question that is asked is, “why does evil exist?”  This is concept that many religions try to deal with, but I love the answer that is suggested, which is that evil exists because we create it.  Evil creates for evil and good creates more good.  Every person has the capacity for good and evil.  This is a very basic explanation and I’m sure someone who has more knowledge in this area could give even more depth to it, but my mine motive behind this painting is that evil exists because we create it.  So we need to choose what it is that we create and be aware of what we do and it’s impact.  The question left with this painting is, “what are you creating around you?”

Since I have now mostly switched to digital painting, I repainting this one using that medium.  The reference photos and Ideas were all the same.  The only thing that’s changed is the painting method, and time for me to improve as an artist.

Choices (c)

I’m also working with a new laptop and video editing software.  This has made production a little slower than normal.  I have a new painting that I want to get out to you guys by the end of the week, but no promises.

I really enjoyed redoing this one and it lets me see how much I’ve improved in such a short time.  Hopefully I will always continue to improve and create even more wonderful pieces.

Choices Compare

I hope you enjoyed this one with a little look back in history.  This painting is available in my store, and to see my speed painting videos with my voice over commentary check out my patreon.  Also if you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, what are you waiting for?  Go hit the button at the bottom to make sure you won’t miss out any other paintings or announcements.  Talk to you next time!

Metal Panels

I’m sorry I haven’t done much lately. I’ve been distracted by many things and the cord that connects my laptop to my tablet broke.  So I’m waiting to replace that.  It’s very sad. However, I recently got a metal panel of one of my paintings and I thought I’d show you what that looks like.  I love how my paintings look on metal panels.  I also realize that many of you might not be familiar with this surface or how things look.  So I thought I’d show you.  Here are some photos of the painting on a hanging metal panel.

It’s a very smooth, highly reflective surface with a clear to silvery gloss.  It looks the best in a room the receives sunlight, but not in location that has direct sunlight.  Think of a well sunlit room, but not having the sun shine on the wall with the painting.  Isn’t it amazing?

If you’re interested in getting this piece, please check it out in my store.  I also offer payment plans if you need that.  Just message me to set that up.  Talk at you later!

Who’s Real?

Are They The Same
16×20 digital painting

So, if you’ve been following me on my social media, you’ve seen in progress photos for this.  I now have it completed.  The most exciting part for me was creating the shattered glass effect.  As per usual, any thoughts or questions you have, put those in the comments.  I be getting the progression photos, reference photos, and color pallets up on my Patreon page this week.  So if you’re interested in seeing those, make sure to check that out.  Also make sure to follow me on one of my social media pages to get updates on what I’m currently working on.  Have a wonderful week!

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Snowy Squirrel

8x10 coffee painting on 300lbs Fabriano Artistico soft press watercolor paper.
8×10 coffee painting on 300lbs Fabriano Artistico soft press watercolor paper.

So I was excited to try out my new paper and decided to go with something simple.  I was also excited to finally had a real camera instead of just using my camera phone and my laptop to record video and take photos.  However, the quality was just awful.  Believe it or not, my built-in camera on my laptop takes better video than my the digital camera I have that I finally found, and my my phone also takes better photos.  *sigh*

Anyway, that was my frustration of the morning.  Hopefully I’ll have video of my next painting for you.  I love this guy’s little fluffy tail!  This paper is very nice for getting wet into wet techniques. I’ll have to play around with that in my next painting.

This painting’s now available here.

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What To Paint?

So according to last week’s post, you guys voted on Thursday and 9am.  Hopefully my brain will come back soon and I can get my posts out on time again.  I’m having a hard time getting in the mood to paint, so I need your help figuring out what to paint.  I put some ideas into a voting box and if you have other ones you can add those too.

Drumroll Please…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’ve busy with all the Jewish holidays, and I’ve also not been doing very well, which is why there’s no video for this week, but I wanted to get you the results of the survey I took.

First, either my Facebook people really like me, or they just really like taking surveys, because all the responses I got were from Facebook users.  I also knew that most of you wouldn’t answer the questions where you would have to actually write something, which is why I limited those, but there were two of you who left me nice comments at the end.  You know who you are, and thank you!  I asked all of you how many times a week you would like to hear from me and you answered with 95% one time and 5% two times.  Also out of all the posts I’ve done my business and art tips/reviews were voted equally.

So it looks like I will be posting once a week now, probably on Wednesday or Thursday, and I flip back and forth between art tips and business related topics.  Whatever I feel I have best prepared for that week.  At the bottom I’ve included a voting box where you can vote whether you want my blog to come out on Wednesday or Thursday, and if you want it to come out at 9am or 12noon PST.

Blog Survey

I’ve been trying to do too much, and apparently I’m not that good at multitasking.  My body decided to give out and tell me I needed to change things.  So I need your help to figure that out.  Doing all the blog posts I do is too much for me.  I will be keeping my Sunday one since that lets you guys know about what painting I have done.  However, that one is inconsistent, since I don’t always have a painting every week.

I’ve decided that doing 1 or 2 blogs instead of 3 would be more manageable.  I also want to know what you want to hear about on those posts.  So I created a survey and will also be figuring out a weekly schedule to hopefully get some balance going.

I greatly appreciate your opinion and your help.  You can find the survey here.  Thanks again!

Rosh Hashana

Well, I’m still figuring out the inktense.  I’m not sure I like my current paper for the inktense.  Luckily I have some papers to test out from Blick.  I thew in some gold and silver leafing just for fun.  I’ll be busy with Rosh Hashana for a while.  Those of you celebrating Rosh Hashana, Chag Sameach!  This painting is now available here.

8x10 inktense on 140lbs watercolor paper with gold and silver leafing.
8×10 inktense on 140lbs watercolor paper with gold and silver leafing.

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Pros and Cons of Wix

So I experimented with using Wix to create a website.  There are things I like and things I don’t like about it.  They have free and paid versions.  Their paid versions get really expensive.  The free version gives you an unappealing web address, as well as bars on the top and bottom of the page saying that it’s a free website created by Wix.  I didn’t really mind the bars.  After all, it’s a free website.  However my web address ended up being very long and annoying.  At least the free version of isn’t that annoying.  For the sake of this post, when I mention WordPress, I mean not is what I am currently using for this blog.

Now for those of you who have no technical or computer skills what so ever, Wix has made it super easy for you create a fabulous looking website in no time at all.  Drag and drop things where you want them.  Just click the area to change the size, color, and font.  I personally don’t find WordPress complicated at all, but Wix is still easier to customize.  Even with all that, there’s no changing of themes allowed.  You got it.  The theme you choose when start your site, you are stuck with forever.  So when I chose my them, I chose it for the layout and figured I could just change the colors and adjust other things to how I wanted, but it just wasn’t working.  I just couldn’t find the right color in the colors they provided that worked for my material.  I probably could’ve figured out my own color and uploaded it, but I didn’t have the time sit there uploading different colors and backgrounds to tryout.  I was very disappointed to find out that I couldn’t switch themes.

While I liked having more of a full site, I noticed I had less interaction on this new site.  It also had no analytics.  You can pay for app that would provide it, but I wasn’t even sure I wanted to keep this site yet.  So it didn’t make since to purchase an app.  At least WordPress has some analytics.  Obviously there are better analytics systems and apps out there, but at least the free version has something, and I know if people are seeing my posts.

So to sum it all up, I liked having more of a full site, which I may be able to do here if I buy a theme.  It was easy to set up and customize.  However not being able to change the theme was not helpful in the customization process.  I had less interaction with people and no analytics system.  The free version gives you a long annoying web address, and the paid versions get expensive.  Overall, it’s not the place for me.  I’m glad that I only did the free version first.  Maybe someone who isn’t as tech savy and doesn’t have the time to learn, or thousands of dollars to pay someone would like it.  You definitely get more if you pay more.  You can get a normal looking web address and add nicer things to your site.  I just didn’t see the value since I’m knowledgable enough to use WordPress, and can do most that through WordPress at a fraction of the cost.

So it looks like I’ll be staying here.

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