Are you choosing the right white paint?

White Paint

Yes, not all white paints are made equal.  Keep in mind that all of this may vary depending on the brand and type of paint you’re using, but these are the general guidelines for white paint.

Titanium White.  This is an opaque white.  It’s known to be a bright white and have a high tinting strength.  However, sometimes this can be too much if you’re just wanting to tint it slightly.

Flake White.  Another opaque white, but is slighter warmer than the titanium.

Zinc White.  This is your transparent white.  It’s also a cooler white, so make sure you don’t accidentally cool down an area you wanted to be a warmer tone.  You can use this white to tint color, or add rays of light.

As always, I recommend that you experiment with the different types of white and see what will work best for your style and painting.

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