The Layered Twist

I wasn’t doing too well last week, so videos didn’t happen, but we’re back this week.  Building on my last videos.  I now have one that shows you how to do layers and a twist.  Have fun and send me pictures!  You can also tweet them to me at @shalevbasya.

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Scarf Tying Basics

Girl With the Pearl Earring

People often reference this movie when they see my scarves.  I finally found a video that shows how to do it.  I hate how it looks and feels on me, but maybe you’ll enjoy it.  Since I don’t like it on me, I didn’t do a video of it, but here’s the video I watched to learn how to do it.  Hope you enjoy it!

Other Scarf Videos:

Basic With A Twist

Scarf Tying Basics

Kippahs In the Kitchen

I don’t have a full painting for you since unfortunately I knocked my rinse water all over my painting.  Such sadness.  However I did have some video before it got ruined.  So I thought I’d share a part of the video in real time so that you can see how slow my painting process is at certain points.  Such is the nature of detailed painting.

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Scarf Tying Basics

So since everyone seems to want to know how I tie my scarves I thought I’d do a little demonstration for you.  Breaking it up into two videos seemed the most reasonable.  I may make others.  I haven’t quite decided yet.  The first one just shows what goes on underneath the scarf.  That happens everyday, and then the second video is just a simple basic tie that I do variations of and then dress up with other scarves and ribbons and such.

If you try it out, you should send me pictures.  I would love to see them!  You can also tweet them to me at @shalevbasya.