Coffee Dessert

Coffee Dessert (c)

Well, I did another one.  I had a 5×7 piece of paper, and I still had the coffee.  I know it’s only one color, but I’m having too much fun.  I did some research and apparently coffee painting is an actual thing.  People make art careers out of doing coffee paintings.  I don’t know if this is something that I’m going to switch to or not.  I may just need to get it out of my system and then go back to color.  I guess we’ll find out.

This little guy took me a few hours and I’m more satisfied with how he turned out than the last one.  Maybe it’s because I know coffee techniques a little better now from the last one.  I think I’m going to try a bigger piece now that I’ve done these two.  This guy definitely makes me want to go find a dessert.

As always, my paintings can be found on my storenvy page:  Photo reference from Britta at

The Mocha

Today I experimented with COFFEE!

Coffee Painting Setup

The first step was to get coffee in three different strengths.  I decided to use instant, because I didn’t want to end up with grounds in my water.  I had to let the coffee cool first.  Painting with hot water is not a good idea.  It damages the paper and the bristles of the paintbrush.  I then tested them on a strip of paper to see what they’d look like.  Everything smells so wonderful.  Now it was time to get a light drawing on my paper and start painting!

Coffee Cup 1

This was part way through, probably more towards the beginning.  Coffee is similar to watercolor, but a little different.  It seems to dry a little slower, and working wet on dry seems to work better than wet into wet.  If I do more, and I’m guessing I will because it’s just so fun, I’ll have to adjust some of my techniques.  I can still get to the darkness I need by layering.

The Mocha (c)

Here’s the finished piece.  It was definitely fun to do a painting of coffee with coffee.  The smell put me in a wonderful mood as well!  This 5×7 is now for sale on my storenvy page:  Photo reference from Alina at