Raspberry Tea

Raspberry Tea Setup

After doing coffee, I thought I’d try tea.  The painting I wanted to do was of raspberry tea and some raspberries, so I that I’d use raspberry tea.  It has a strong pigment and it’s red.  Sounds good, right?  Well, when it dries, it dries to a grayish blue color.  Apparently, I won’t be painting with red.  It seemed to dry strong enough, so I decided to go ahead with it, and it smelled pleasant enough.

Raspberry Tea 1

It seems to layer more nicely than the coffee did and works more similarly to watercolor.  It’s been interesting working with only one color in a painting.  These are just the first layers.  I always have to be sure not to go too dark in the beginning.  I can always go darker later if I need to.  It’s fun watching the tea go on, because it goes on red and then dries a grayish blue.

Raspberry Tea (c)

Here’s the finished piece.  It was interesting see how in the darker areas, after some layers had been built up, it dried to a purple color.  The raspberry tea was definitely very fun to work with and didn’t come out at all how I expected.

This 5×7 piece is now for sale on my storenvy page:  shalevbasya.storenvy.com.