Watermarking Your Work

Here’s the video I learned from of how to put watermarks and get the social medial icons on my work.  The best thing is that you don’t need a photo editor and this is free.  Using picmonkey.com is pretty simple and easy to use.  I also use it for the custom thumbnails of my videos.

Some people have issues with watermarks.  I honestly haven’t had anyone complain about it, and I try to make it as least annoying as possible.  Yes, it can be photoshopped out, but most people understand why it’s needed and it’s helpful for them to know what artist painted it as it’s shared across social media.  Also, making the resolution smaller will make for terrible prints should someone try to do it.

So I personally think you should watermark all your work just for sharing aspect, and it also gives someone a mental check before they decide to do something against copyright.

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