1 Simple Thing To Boost the Views On Your Website

There’s one very simple thing you can do to boost the views on your website.  Post links at the bottom of your blog posts to other relating blog posts.  It’s almost too simple isn’t it?  Having a search function isn’t enough.  They won’t use it.  Even if you have another post that might interest them, it’s just too much effort to type anything into a search bar.  So tell them about all your other wonderful posts, which have links to other wonderful posts and other wonderful pages.  Then, they get funneled into the world that is you!

Also, don’t make your link look like a link.  Don’t have it be http://www……  Change it so that it says “my art print is available here,” or have just the title of the post as the link.  No one wants to click on something that looks like a link to another page.  You can see all mine below.

So put links at the bottom of your posts and you can watch the little analytics bar go up.  It’s fun.  You’ll love it!  If you try it out, let me know how it goes for you.

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Do I Need A Website?

Yes, you need one, and no just using a social media page doesn’t work because those can disappear.  Also pages like etsy can disappear as well.  You need a home base to drive everyone to that has all of your information.  You can link as many pages as you want to your website.

You also don’t have to have money, and you don’t need to know html to set it up.  There are plenty of free sites with templates to use.  I’m a fan of WordPress.  You can set one for free at wordpress.com and then switch to wordpress.org once your needs grow.

So go make one because you need it, and then tell me about it!  I can help you get started with wordpress.com if you need it.

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What’s Good About GooglePlus

Sorry this post went out a little late today.  I was having computer issues.  :/  Anyway, Google+. I know it’s another social network that you just don’t want to do, but here’s what it can do for you.  Google is the number one search engine, and they’ve created a social network.  Guess what?  They want you to use it.  If you use it, Google makes your stuff more searchable.  Isn’t that nice?

Also the people on Google+, USE it!  It’s their favorite.  They’re almost obsessive, which is kinda creepy, but nice for your website.  Once I post my blogs on Google+, the traffic to my website jumps.  So make a page, and a community because they’re just waiting for new one’s to join.  Go ahead.  Do it.  It’ll be awesome!  You can even hang out with me here.

Have a Google+ page?  Tell me about it.  What do you like?  What do you not?

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